Baja Brute Series Utility Bed Storage System




We get calls all of the time wanting a "lite" version of our utility bed storage system, So we finally designed on for our new "Baja Brute" series of products, for the less is more guys, [More products in the series soon to be released in this series], 


We are proud to offer another version of our 100% bolt in system to the existing factory bed bolts, this version offers the option of 2 stand up spare tires or 1 lay down spare tire in the middle all in the same package, it comes with a t-handle spanner included, multiple mounting tabs for ties downs. finished with a rust proof primer before the 2 stage texture satin black powdercoat. 


please give a call today to order yours 480-361-0513

We can also customize this for you the way you WANT it!