Ford Raptor LEX Gen2 WInch Front Bumper




The LEX OFFROAD "GEN 2 Winch" Bolt -on Front Bumper for 2010-14 FORD RAPTOR is a hybrid design of our traditional Pre-Runner inspired Bumper, while incorporating side panels for a clean functional look. When designing this bumper we wanted to keep the look of a Baja Truck, as well as a clean refined look. Many hours and miles have been put into on and offroad testing to ensure proper air flow and performance were kept intact, while keeping the unsightly core support and other components hidden. The GEN 2 Bumper allows one of the broadest ranges of custom options in our product lineup. 

The Gen 2 bumper is set up standard for a 40" LED lightbar.


Key features include:


1/8" steel Fully Boxed Frame Horns

.120” Wall Steel Tube Construction

CNC cut skid plates, tabs and plates for a precise fit

Direct fit 100% bolt-on no cutting or welding required

Stainless steel hardware on bumper panels

Grade 8 hardware included for bumper instalation 

1/4" steel winch mount plate, fully welded to bumper structure

Texture satin black powdercoat is standard


**LEX Offroad bumpers with Winch Plate, are Limited to 10,500 lbs winches., use only winches at or under this approved pull rate to retain Bumper Warranty


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