Powerstop 1-Click Extreme Truck and Town Rear Brake Kit




Rear Drilled and Slotted Rotors & Z16 Ceramic Brake Pads. This kit contains drilled and slotted rotors and Z36 Truck and Tow metallic pads, enough to do the rear axle of your truck. There are the appropriate clips, shims and pads in the box, too. This kit is the ultimate in heavy-duty braking for your truck. It includes slotted and cross drilled rotors and Power Stop Z36 high-friction pads. Improve your braking capability under all conditions, wet, hot, hilly, or while towing at max weight.


Heavy duty Truck and Tow brake kit, includes silver zinc plated cross-drilled and slotted rotors with Z36 Truck and Tow metallic brake pads

20 percent more stopping power than other brands

Costs less than the dealer gets for stock parts

Components are engineered to work together

Corrosion resistant silver zinc plating

Cross drilled and slotted rotors

Internally-vented rotors

One click brake kit; everything you need, including clips and shims

Pre-matched components ready to install

Multi-layer constrained steel anti-squeal shims

Recommended for towing and hauling

3 years / 36,000 mile warranty when Power Stop rotors and pads are used together

Don’t go halfway when it’s time to redo the brakes on your truck. Whether you tow a trailer, race or just drive aggressively (Who? Me?), you should have the best brakes possible. Power Stop gives you the best of both worlds: let’s start with the brake pads. Factory, OEM brake pads are a bucketful of compromises. They balance several factors, including pad noise, dust generation, service life, cost and – oh yeah, friction. But what works for most can be improved on. These Z36 metallic pads have a 17% higher μ (μ = coefficient of friction) than OEM pads, giving you more stopping power, without standing on the pedal at the bottom of every long hill.

That would make these pads a great upgrade on your stock rotors, but you’ve already decided not to go halfway. Don’t try to reuse your old discs, even if they still have enough meat on them after refinishing them to meet minimum thickness specifications. A thinner disc is a disc that has less mass. And it takes lots of mass to dissipate heat in a hurry, so get a pair of Power Stop vented, drilled, slotted discs at the same time.

Mass soaks up heat quickly during a panic stop, but it takes surface area and moving air to keep the rotors cool on a long downhill or in heavy stop-and-go traffic. Cross drilling a disc adds surface area for improved cooling, but it also makes a dramatic improvement in braking performance in the rain. Cross drilling keeps water from wedging between the pad and disc surface, making the pad hydroplane, which severely affects braking ability. Slotting does help some in the rain, although it has other advantages. During a high-speed stop, especially with a trailer or heavy load, the organic binders in the pad material will literally boil. This is normal; the problem is that the outgassing binder turns the pad into a hot little air-hockey puck that barely touches the disc surface. It rides on a pocket of outgassing binder, keeping the pad from contacting a normal, unslotted disc. Slots sweep the gases away, letting you glide to a normal stop in time instead of running that red light at the bottom of the hill with both feet standing on the brake pedal. Not fun. Power Stop’s 1-Click Extreme Truck and Tow Brake Kit combines the advantages of both cross drilling and slotting to provide you with superior stopping ability, whether it’s halfway down a hill, while towing, or during the rain. Add in the superior grip, low noise and dust generation of the Z36 high-friction metallic pads, and stop in comfort and safety. Power Stop also uses the best technology for anti-squeal shims: constrained steel. A sandwich of two layers of steel with a viscoelastic layer between them prevents acoustic coupling between the pad and caliper piston, eliminating brake squeal. Other manufacturers attempt to use a single layer of steel or a layer of Teflon to achieve this. Power Stop’s solution, while pricier, is far more effective.

  • Ford Raptor

Vehicle Options

  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 6.2
  • 5.4