10lb. Package A System



  • Technical Details

    • Yellow tank
    • Uses pressurized liquid CO2
    • SuperFlow HPX regulator
    • Power Grip guard
    • 25’ SuperFlex coiled hose
    • Aluminum super bracket
    • The PT10 Package A System is the 2nd hottest selling Power Tank air system behind the PT10 Pkg. B. It's clean and simple and includes all of the basic parts for a great starter air system. Note: The slickest way to mount your Super Bracket to a roll cage is to use our ABC roll bar clamps ($49.95 / Pair). SAVINGS OF $30.00!

      Package A includes: PT10 Aluminum Tank (powder coated) w/ Nickel Plated Valve, SuperFlow HPX Regulator, 25' HP1100 braided hose, Power Grip Guard, Super Bracket, Tank Boot, Reg. Cover.