10lb. Package B System



  • Technical Details

    • Yellow tank
    • Uses pressurized liquid CO2
    • SuperFlow HPX regulator
    • Power Grip guard
    • 25’ SuperFlex coiled hose
    • Aluminum super bracket
    • TIG-8200 Inflator
    • Tomco Super Coupler for air tools
    • The 10 lb. Power Tank Package B System is the BEST SELLING Power Tank system. It is the most versatile size for vehicles (up to 37" tires) and includes two important items not included in the Package A system. The first is a Super Coupler which instantly allows you to interchange air tools. The second is our HD Tire inflator which makes tire inflation fast and easy. This Package Includes the 10 lb. Alum. Powder coated tank, the SuperFlow HPX Regulator, Super Bracket, tank boot, reg. cover, TIG-8200 inflator, Tomco Super Coupler.