10lb. Track Pack Package A System



  • Technical Details

    • Candy blue tank
    • HPX regulator
    • Power Grip Guard
    • Super Bracket
    • Regulator bag
    • Tank boot
    • 25' Superflex Hose
    • For some of you, a Power Tank needs to be more mobile and you don't need a metal hard-mount bracket. Instead, you would rather tote your Power Tank around and transport it in a padded Speed Bag. You know who you are; race track guys, construction carpenters, RVers, etc. Well if this is you then here's the perfect solution - the Track Pack Systems. This one includes the 10# Power Tank system, the Speed Bag, and the tank boot. The unique design of the Speed Bag allows the hose to stay attached while the Power Tank remains inside the bag. Pull the hose out of the hose pocket, turn on your Power Tank, and you're ready to go. See the Speed Bag for all the neat features of this great design.