ReadyLIFT® now offers the best comprehensive off road lift kit designed specifically for 2009-2013 Ford F150 2WD trucks. Based on our Multi-Lift-System (MLS) design principals which allows an F150 owner to choose just how tall they want their truck to sit, the new complete off road suspension systems feature the absolute best  design and components available. 


Made In U.S.A. - The Premium complete 6.0" front/ 3.5" rear 2009-2013 Ford F150 2WD System kit that Includes SST3000 Rear Shocks and is specifically designed for rugged off road strength while maintaining the factory ride on the street. The Complete kit 44-2147 6.0" Lift Kit features precision designed laser cut and CNC formed subframe assemblies that directly bolt in. Welding is required for one section which attaches to the frame. Includes heavy duty cast nodular iron steering knuckles, patent pending rack & pinion steering drop correction system (U.S. Pat. App. No. 14/531,073). Patent Pending fabricated steel strut extensions (U.S. Pat. App. No. 14/532,783) provide the 6.0" of front lift while 3.0 tall OEM-style rear blocks and 1.5" lift add-a-leafs provide a quality rear lift that doesn't sacrafice the ride. Total rear lift equals 3.5" of lift when installed.This kit even includes a Patent Pending steering extension to keep your steering performance like factory.


Bonus - No need to cut your steering rods like on other kits which requires the tie rods to be shortened. This results in reduced steering radius. Our steering rack drop down system allows you to retain your stock tie rods without modifying them.


Bonus - The ReadyLIFT MLS lift kits are the only lift kits that will allow you to use your factory spare wheel and tire in case of a flat.


The MLS sub frame and other components are powder coated with a unique and improved Plascoat finish. The Plascoating on the MLS components is a performance polymer alloy coating specifically designed to provid a long lasting, tough coating for exterior applications. The Plascoat finish is especially resistant to stress cracking with improved abrasion and impact resistance as well as a great way to protect against adverse weather conditions, detergents, salt spray and other typical airborne pollutants.


Features & Benefits:


CNC formed steel sub-frame assemblies - bolt on installation.

Covered under the ReadyGuard Powertrain Warranty

Patent Pending steering extension to retain factory steering quality.

Special Plascoat performance polymer alloy long lasting and tough crack and scratch resistent finish.

Extreme duty cast iron steering knuckles designed to retain OEM ball joint and suspension geometry. 

Fabricated heavy duty steel 6.0" lift strut extensions allows you to retain your factory front struts.

Patent Pending rack & pinion steering drop system - first of its kind!

OEM style 3.0" tall rear block and 1.5" lift add-a-leaf provide 3.5" of rear lift.

Includes SST3000 Rear Shocks

The 7.0" version of this kit has been tested and meets the rigorous FVMSS certification standards for safety and quality.

Install Time: 6 - 8 hours

Max Tire:  37 x 12.50”

Does NOT increase front track width - Allows for use of OEM wheels

Wheel Width: Stock Wheels Ok or 9” wheel w/ 4.75“ - 5.5” BS

Factory Aluminum Wheel with 5.75“ BS - 35x12.50 x 17” with no trimming* at 7” ride height

17” x 8” Aftermarket Wheel with 4.75-5.5” BS - 35x12.50 x 17” with no trimming at 7” ride height

18” x 9” Aftermarket Wheel with 4.75-5.5” BS - 35x12.50 x 18” with no trimming* at 7” ride height

20” x 9” Aftermarket Wheel with 4.75-5.5” BS - 35x12.50 x 20” with no trimming* at 7” ride height