Terms & Conditions

Raptor SVT Partsproducts are for off-road use only. Failure to follow proper install instructions and excessive abuse of Raptor SVT components can cause bodily harm and even death. Please be responsibly and understand that any modifications to OEM or adding to OEM components can change safety systems and features designed by the Manufacturer. Raptor SVT Partshighly recommends installations be performed by a trained and certified mechanic. Raptor SVT lifetime warranty is limited to parts only produced by Raptor SVT Partsand not defects of any suppliers components used in the production of Raptor SVT Partsproducts. Warranty is limited to original purchaser and is not transferable if so sold to seco nd party. Raptor SVT Partsis not responsible for neglect and abuse of components and reserves the right to inspect the components before honoring a replacement part. Warranty does not offer refunded monetary value replacement of the component.