LEX offroad Baja Brute Bolt on front bumper 2009-14 Ford F150 Raptor

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The LEX Off-road Baja Brute Bumper for the 10-14 Ford F150 Raptor offers easy bolt on installation, classic Baja Styling, and a high clearance design for improved functionality during off-road excursions.

Simple, but Rugged Installation

To install the LEX Off-Road Bumper on your 10-14 Ford F150 Raptor, Onced the bumper has been cut, Simply bolt it into place using the factory bolt holes. The easy installation is part of the LEX Off-road Bumper innovative design. LEX makes it easy for almost anyone to install the LEX Off-road Bumper securely on a 10-14 Ford F150 Raptor.

Add Baja Flare to Your 10-14 Ford F150 Raptor

The innovative design of the LEX Off-road Bumper is not only easy to install, but it offers a handsomely rugged Baja design. Desert racing and off-roading are a rugged business. You need more than good looks to make a difference. That is why LEX build in superb off-road functionality with a high clearance design that durable construction. The 10-14 Ford F150 Raptor off-road bumper by LEX starts with . 120 wall tube construction, and they use 10g mild steel for the skid plate and fabricated frame horns to keep the toughness without all the added weight.

To add to their superior design, LEX includes a CNC Cut Skid Plate that offers a precision fit and outstanding off-road protection. Each bumper that LEX makes is made by hand by welding experts who understand how to use the boxed frame horn for added strength. LEX understand the challenges that drivers face when they off-road in desert conditions.

LEX takes your 10-14 Ford F150 Raptor and improves its fitness for desert racing and off-roading. Each bumper offers a powder satin black, clean finish which not only looks cool but offers long lasting durability and exceptional resistance to corrosion. As part of the thoughtful design, LEX bumpers are easy to modify so that you can add light bars, driving lights, fog, lights, and spot lights so you can continue to race long after the sun has set.

Hit the sand, climb mountains, and scale rock with the added protection of a LEX Off-road Bumper for your Ford Raptor truck.

***To ensure the best quality, LEX Offroad bumpers are offered on a build to order basis. Each one will be tailor made for your Toyota Tacoma right after your purchase is confirmed.

Please note that the manufacturing process can take 14 days. Once finished, your LEX Offroad Ford Raptor bumper will be shipped to your delivery address as soon as possible.***